Playing Cello – Better Than Coffee?

I love coffee!  I can’t leave the house unless I’ve had a cup or two.  One might say I am addicted.   I love playing the cello!  I can play it all day, literally.  Time just disappears when I am playing.  Why do I bring up coffee and cello in the same post?  Well, I’ve noticed that playing the cello (and I think this applies to playing an instrument in general) wakes me up without the downsides of coffee, jitteriness, and dehydration.

So I did a little research (aka goofing off on YouTube and this popped into my feed) and it seems that playing an instrument engages the entire brain!

Playing the cello is exercise for the brain! And who can be tired when exercising.  So practice, practice, practice.

And no…I’m not giving up coffee.

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