100 Day Practice Challenge

In 2017 Hilary Hahn committed to practicing 100 days in a row and everyday she posted a 1 minute video of herself on her Instagram page @violincase with hashtag #100daysofpractice.

The 100 Day Practice Challenge (http://slippedisc.com/2017/11/so-hilary-hahn-practised-for-100-days/) :

100 days of practice in a row, in fact. The idea came from a global Instagram project (designated by the #100days hashtag) that had been mainly, until that point, undertaken by visual artists. “The concept of the project was to show your process,” Hahn says. “You don’t have to worry about the result; it doesn’t have to be in great shape. You can show working on the same piece of art—you do a little bit of coloring one day, you spend 100 days on the same thing, or you could do sketches every day.” She wondered if there was something she could do for 100 days that would reveal something about her own artistic process. “So it just occurred to me: What do I do every day anyway? I practice.”

In the new year, there are few Facebook groups doing the same thing and I decided to participate.

For me, I need a goal – what can I accomplish if I practiced 100 days in a row? After exchanging a few emails with my teacher, we agreed that a good goal would be to learn all 6 parts of the Bach Suite 1 and perform them at the Spring Recital.  My school’s spring recital is usually mid to late May, which is almost 1 year from when I started playing the cello, again.  I think playing all of Suite 1 would be a wonderful way of celebrating my year back playing the cello.

Please stay tuned for updates with videos of my progress.


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