My Dog, Abby, Had Enough!

So here I am practicing The Swan.   This must have been the 6th time in a row I played (actually butchered) this most beautiful cello music.  As you can tell, Abby is a polite girl because she tries to be discreet but the hardwood floor gives her away. I’m glad I’m looking down because I […]

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Bach Cello Suites

This week I started the Bach Cello Suites (again).  In my youth, I just did not appreciate the Bach Suites.  Back then, they were just etudes. And I played plenty of etudes…maybe that’s why I didn’t like The Suites. How things have changed. I’m older and wiser (debatable), and I just love the Suites.  Listen to […]

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Finding My Voice

After 2 hours of testing instruments, we were ready to take two cellos (Ivan Dunov and William Klier models) for home trials, when I noticed a beautiful instrument,

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