Bach Cello Suites

This week I started the Bach Cello Suites (again).  In my youth, I just did not appreciate the Bach Suites.  Back then, they were just etudes. And I played plenty of etudes…maybe that’s why I didn’t like The Suites. How things have changed. I’m older and wiser (debatable), and I just love the Suites.  Listen to 100 different cellists play the Suites and you’ll hear 10 different interpretations and they all sound great.  You might prefer one over another, but they all sound amazing.  I am starting on the most famous of them all, The prelude to Suite 1.  In less then a week, I feel I’ve made good progress.  I think I have about 75% down.  But you know what they say, it’s always the last 5 to 10% that’s the most difficult.  Hopefully, I’ll have it all down and memorized before my recital on November 15.

Here are few links to some of my favorite interpretations of the Suite 1 Prelude

Needs no introduction but… Yo Yo Ma.

Ophelie Gailard on a Baroque Cello

And of course, 8 man version of the prelude only the Piano Guys can do.

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